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MTGA Tracker apps (also known as assistant apps) are fan-made external applications that provide MTG Arena players with various pieces of information obtained from the in-game logs and/or external sources. They help with things like tracking deck or card statistics, draft assistance, and giving you real-time probabilities while playing. Overall, they are all designed to help you be a better MTGA player and we highly recommend using them!

Here is a complete list of all Magic: The Gathering Arena Tracker Apps:

Arena Tutor




MTG Arena Tool

MTGA Assistant



Q: Which MTGA Tracker is the best?

A: While each app focuses on different features, our personal favorite is Arena Tutor, a free MTGA assistant. It helps you win more by tracking your matches, giving you draft suggestions, and building the best meta decks based on your collection. The creator, Draftsim, also has a blog with strategy guides for Draft, Commander, and MTGA, and it has free tools like its draft simulator to help you practice before live events.

Q: Are MTGA Trackers legal to use?

A: While not officially supported by WOTC, Community Manager Nicholas Wolfram was quoted saying “As long as it doesn't interfere in game and doesn't scrape any information you wouldn't be able to get yourself.”

Q: Are there any MTGA Trackers available on mobile?

A: Unfortunately mobile operating systems do not allow this. “Apps on iOS and iPadOS are isolated from each other in such a way that it is impossible for a deck tracker to access MTGA's data during the game. We require access to the game in order to detect the deck you're playing, which cards you've already drawn and the outcome of the game.” –




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