Q: How are the codes sent?

A: Our automated delivery system emails your code almost instantly (within 2 minutes) to the email address associated with your GVG account.  


Q: Email Not Received?

A: If you don’t see our email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folders. Be sure to check the email address linked to your GVG account. 


 Q: Redeem Code Failure: Failure redeeming code (code)

Failure Redeeming Code

A1: Check to be sure you entered the code correctly.  MTGA codes are case sensitive.  We recommend copying and pasting directly from our email.

A2: Most MTGA codes are limit 1 per account.  If you don't remember if you have redeemed the same set/code previously, you can submit a ticket to WOTC to confirm.

A3: We guarantee all of our codes to be genuine and correct.  If you are sure you entered the code correctly, please let us know so we can verify the code was entered correctly into our database. (We are humans after all) Email us at support@grayvikinggames.com with your code and order number.