Q: Can I buy MTG Arena Codes?

A: Yes, Wizards has long been a supporter of strong healthy secondary markets for all of their product lines.  Physical Code cards and digital redemption codes have had a widely established market since MTG Arena began.

Q: How are the codes sent?

A: Gray Viking Game's automated delivery system emails your code almost instantly (within 2 minutes) to the email address associated with your GVG account. If you use a 3rd party checkout system like PayPal or Amazon, the code may be emailed there instead. 

Q: Email Not Received?

A: If you don’t see our email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folders. Be sure to check the email address linked to your GVG account (or PayPal/Amazon etc). If you don't see the codes within 5 minutes let us know  and we can re-send them. 

Q: How do I redeem codes (PC, Mac, Mobile)

A: Refer to our How to Redeem Guide for step by step instructions for redeeming codes in-game or on the Wizards website. 

Q: Redeem Code Failure: Failure redeeming code (PC Game) / Code is not valid or has already been used the maximum amount of times for this account (Web Client)

Failure Redeeming Code
Wizards of the Coast WOTC MTG Arena MTGA Account

A1: Most MTGA codes are case sensitive.  We recommend copying and pasting directly from our email. Check to be sure you entered the code correctly without extra spaces before and/or after.  

A2: Most MTGA codes are limit 1 per account.  If you don't remember if you have redeemed the same set/code previously, you can submit a ticket to WOTC and ask them to confirm.

A3: The error log file will tell you the exact reason for the code failure.  Follow our PC guide here for instructions on how to check this.

A4: We guarantee all of our codes to be genuine, correct, and un-used.  If you are sure you entered the code correctly and you have not previously redeemed the same on your account, please let us know so we can verify the code was entered correctly into our database. (We are only humans after all) Email us at support@grayvikinggames.com with your order number, the code giving you trouble, and a screenshot of the error message.  We will help troubleshoot.