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MTGA FNM Promo Pack

*Note: Effective November 16, 2021 WOTC ended the Midweek Magic code program.*  

Friday Night Magic (FNM) has been a long-standing staple in local MTG communities.  It has consistently provided them with regularly scheduled face-to-face gatherings.  COVID swooped in and temporarily changed this landscape in a drastic way.  WOTC  desiring to support FNM even with quarantines and lockdowns in place — rolled out a unique idea utilizing their Magic, the Gathering: Arena platform.  Every Tuesday a new digital Midweek Madness (FNM@Home) Promo Pack code is released.  The codes are only available through your local game stores or Here on the GVG store.  (Note: they expire 2 weeks after they are released so if you miss it, its gone forever!)  But what exactly comes in these packs you ask? Lets take a deeper look.

Each weekly code redeems for 2 random MTGA cosmetic prizes following this drop rate table odds:

Prize Pool Categories (Updated 2/12) Drop Rate
Kaldheim Showcase Card Styles (34x items) 18%
Zendikar RisingKaldheim, and Strixhaven Borderless Planeswalker Card Styles (11x items) 20%
Uncommon Strixhaven Mystical Archive Card Styles (18x items) 15%
Rare and Mythic Rare Strixhaven Mystical Archive Card Styles (37x items) 10%
Card Sleeves (31x items) 15%
Zendikar RisingKaldheim, and Strixhaven Sticker Emotes (10x items) 10%
Tibalt Avatar 5%
Puppet Jace Pet 2%


There are two types of drop rates for prizes. The rate when granted initially and the rate when each prize is going through "duplicate protection".  Duplicate protection ensures that players will not get content they already own.  When a prize is going through duplicate protection, the drop rate changes based on how many of the prize options you already own.  The more prizes you own, the greater the drop rates of the prizes you do NOT own - since you can't get one you already have.  For example, if you are only missing one prize (you have 108 out of the 109 prizes) your 109th price will automatically be the one you are missing. 
Note: Players who own all the items in the drop table will not receive any rewards. If you believe you have reached this state in error, please contact WOTC and submit a ticket using their Code Redemption Problem form.

Go forth and crack packs!

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