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MTG Table Top Magic

If you love MTG Arena (MTGA) but have not yet experienced Magic as a table-top social event with friends and family, it is a lot of fun! The game was originally designed to be played in the physical form back in 1993 and is still going strong today.

Here are some products that may be right for you and your play group:

Challenger Decks: These decks are designed to be somewhat competitive in the local Standard tournaments. They come with a 60-card deck and a 15-card sideboard ready to be played right out of the box. Browse Available Decks

Draft Booster Box: These boxes come with 36 draft boosters that are great for pack wars, drafts, or sealed events. Browse Available Boxes

Set Booster Box: These boxes come with 30 packs and are designed to be a fun experience to open. They have commons and uncommons that are connected via card attributes. They also have art cards and can contain cards all throughout magic’s history. Browse Available Boxes

Collector Booster Box: The boxes come with 12 packs. They are the most expensive boxes but are the only way to obtain many of the special borderless/showcase versions of the cards within the set. Browse Available Boxes

Brawl Decks: 60-Card Singleton deck ready to be played right out of the box. These decks are available to be played in brawl while the set is in standard. Once they rotate from standard, you can convert them into 100-card Commander decks. Browse Available Decks

Commander Decks: 100-Card Singleton deck ready to be played right out of the box. These decks can be brought to any Commander event.  Great for players that love EDH. Browse Available Decks

Gift Edition Bundles: The boxes come with 10 draft boosters and 1 Collector Booster, and a large spin-down die. They are a great way to draft with some friends and also get a small taste of the collector. Browse Available Bundles

Bundle: These boxes also known as "Fat Packs" come with 10 draft boosters, 40 basic lands, a spin-down die, and a foil alternate art promo card.  Perfect for the new player who needs the basic lands to try out different deck types. Browse Available Bundles

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