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MTGA Magic The Gathering Arena Code Guide

Since the Launch of Magic The Gathering: Arena, Wizards of the Coast has had the feature to redeem codes in the store (note: if you are playing on mobile follow These Instructions).  The current list of available codes has continued to grow.  This article is an attempt to get you spun up on what codes are currently available.


For those not aware of these Free MTGA Codes, they are one-per-account codes that are free for all accounts.  They each redeem three booster packs of the specific set. 

Current active Free MTGA Codes:

  • PlayIkoria
  • PlayTheros
  • PlayEldraine
  • PlayRavnica
  • PlayAllegiance
  • PlayWarSpark
  • PlayM20
  • PlayM21
  • PlayZendikar
  • TryKaladesh (1 Booster)
  • PlayKaldheim
  • PlayStrixhaven
  • PlayDND
  • PlayVOW

In addition to these free boosters, there are many other free codes Wizards of the Coast has made available over the last year offering various in-game items.  Here is a comprehensive list of codes that are still active:

EnlightenMe : Redeems Card Style: Narset, Parter of Veils

FNMATHOME: Redeems Cosmetic Items

FoilFungus: Redeems Card Style: Deathbloom Thallid

InnerDemon: Redeems Card Style: Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted

LevelUp: Redeems two Levels of the current Mastery Tree

OverTheMoon: Redeems Card Style: Arlinn, Voice of the Pack

ParallaxPotion: Redeems Card Style: Revitalize

ShieldsUp: Redeems Card Style: Teyo, The Shieldmage

ShinyGoblinPirate: Redeems Card Style: Fanatical Firebrand

SparkleDruid: Redeems Card Style: Druid of the Cowl

SuperScry: Redeems Card Style: Opt

WrittenInStone: Redeems Card Style: Nahiri, Storm of the Stone

RockJocks: Lorehold Sleeve

ArtClub: Prismari Sleeve

MathWhizzes: Quandrix Sleeve

DebateDuelists: Silverquill Sleeve

SwampPunks: Witherbloom Sleeve

RestorativeBurst: 2000 XP on Mastery Track

ExperimentalOverload: 2000 XP on Mastery Track

GameKnights: Avenging Angels Deck

PARCELMYR: 2000 XP on Mastery Track


Outside of the Free Generic Codes, Wizards of the Coast has been including MTG Arena Codes in many of their physical products.  These codes are a unique set of numbers and letters that are often only able to be used by a single account.  After they have been redeemed on an account, they will no longer work on any other account.

These codes can redeem booster packs, cosmetic items, and specific cards or decks.  Some of these items can be purchased through the MTGA client.  However, it is often the case that these Unique Codes cost less than the same exact items within the MTGA client.  Many of the Unique Codes redeem items that are not currently possible to purchase within the MTGA client.  

There are four main categories of Unique Codes that are described below:


These codes often originate in Pre-Release Kits. Historically, Pre-Release Codes have offered many different items.  The current Pre-Release Codes offer 6 packs of the corresponding set.  Each code can only be redeemed once, and no account can redeem more than one of each set.

Current active Pre-Release Codes:

Core Set 2020 

Throne of Eldraine

Theros: Beyond Death


Core Set 2021

Zendikar Rising


Strixhaven: School of Mages

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Innistrad: Crimson Vow


These codes originate in the packaging of the physical Pre-Constructed decks. These codes redeem each card of a single deck.  The deck lists are always the same, and listed in the below links.  Most often, each code can only be redeemed once, and no account can redeem more than one of each deck.

Current active Deck Codes:

 Core Set 2020: Ajani

Core Set 2020: Chandra

Core Set 2020: Mu Yanling

Core Set 2020: Sorin

Core Set 2020: Vivien

Throne of Eldraine: Rowan

Throne of Eldraine: Oko

Theros Beyond Death: Ashiok

Theros Beyond Death: Elspeth

Core Set 2021: Basri

Core Set 2021: Chandra

Core Set 2021: Garruk

Core Set 2021: Liliana

Core Set 2021: Teferi

Core Set 2021 Critter Corps: Redeems 2021 Starter Deck

Arena Starter Kit 2020: Redeems two Starter Decks.  Code can be redeemed twice (on two different accounts).  Great for you and a friend.

Arena Starter Kit 2021: Redeems two Starter Decks.  Code can be redeemed twice (on two different accounts).  Great for you and a friend.

AFR Starter Deck: Redeems two Starter Decks.  Code can be redeemed twice (on two different accounts).  Great for you and a friend.


These codes originate from Secret Lairs, FNM, or other initiatives from Wizards of the Coast. Cosmetic codes redeem either a single sleeve, or a bundle of several sleeves.  Each code can only be redeemed once, and no account can redeem more than one of each sleeve.

Current active Secret Lair Codes:

OMG Kitties (Single Sleeve)

Bitterblossom Dreams (Single Sleeve)

Eldraine Wonderland (Single Sleeve)

Kaleidoscope Killers (Single Sleeve)

Explosion Sounds (Single Sleeve)

Restless in Peace (Single Sleeve)

Seeing Visions (Single Sleeve)

Year of the Rat (Single Sleeve)

Thalia – Beyond Helvault (Single Sleeve)

International Woman’s Day (Single Sleeve)

The Godzilla Land (Single Sleeve)

Full Sleeves: The Tattoo Pack (Single Sleeve)

Can You Feel the Heart of Steel (Single Sleeve)

The Path Not Traveled (Single Sleeve)

Mountain, Go (Single Sleeve)

Ornithological Studies (Single Sleeve)

Every Dog Has Its Day (Single Sleeve)

Zendikar Revisited (Single Sleeve)

Extra Life (Single Sleeve)

Artist Series: Seb McKinnon (Single Sleeve)

We Hope you Like Squirrels (Single Sleeve)

Kaldheim Showcase: Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (Single Sleeve)

Kaldheim Showcase: Grave Titan (Single Sleeve)

Faerie, Faerie, Faerie Rad (Single Sleeve)

Valentine's Day 2021 (Single Sleeve)

Strixhaven Showcase: Fire Covenant (Single Sleeve)

Phyrexian Praetor Card Styles (5 Alternate Card Styles)

Other Active Cosmetic Codes:

Fire and Ice: (Single Sleeve)

Graveyard: (Single Sleeve)

Ajani: (Single Sleeve)

Cat vs. Dog (6 Different Sleeves)

Weekly FNM Promo Pack: (Redeems random Cosmetic Items not already owned from a set list)

War of the Spark Japanese Alternate Art Sleeves (Redeems 2 Random Sleeves)

TwitchCon 2019: (Single Sleeve)


From time to time WOTC will release codes that have multiple items, or multiple types of items bundled into a single code. These codes include:

Secret Lair Bundle (The 7 Original Secret Lair Sleeves as a Single Code)

Theros Stargazing (The 5 Sleeve Bundle – One for Each Theros God as a single Code)

Super Summer Drop (The 5 2020 Summer Secret Lair Sleeves as a single Code)

Secretversary Super Drop (Bob Ross lands + Seb McKinnon Sleeve as a single Code)

Secretversary Bundle Bundle (Bob Ross lands + Seb McKinnon and Squirrel Sleeves as a single Code)

Bob Ross Happy Little Gathering (5 Lands)

Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands (5 Sleeves)

Ikoria Buy-A-Box Exclusive: Redeems Mana Vault Sleeve, Trophy Pet, and Serra, the Benevolent Avatar

World Championship XXVI: Redeems Trophy Sleeve, Trophy Pet, and 6 ICRs

Deluxe Collection Bundle: Redeems a Garruk Huntsman Sleeve, and 6 Card Styles

Fblthp Beta Bundle: Redeems a Fblthp Sleeve and Avatar


It is important to keep an eye on the expiration date of these codes.  All codes of the same type, expire on the same day.  For example, Zendikar Rising codes will expire on July 1st, 2022.  It is important to redeem the codes while they are still available.  You may not have another opportunity get those items.  There are some codes that have continued to redeem beyond their printed expiration date. Gray Viking Games test codes regularly and only lists codes that are still redeeming within the client.


Gray Viking Games has established a one-stop hub to get current information on MTG Arena Codes along with providing players with a safe, fast, and reliable way to collect them.

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