Our Story

As we celebrate the launch of our new website, we wanted to take a moment and look back on the past five years as a company.  

Since creation in 2015, our Gray Viking Games eBay store has grown immensely.  Both our product selection list and sales expanded each year.  With over 4500 transactions and 1500 positive feedback, our customers have encouraged us along the way! 

At the start of 2020, MTGA had been seeing steady growth. The game was in a good spot and we were enjoying it ourselves!  We stumbled upon MTGA Codes while selling physical products.  We decided to explore a new microtransaction eBay store focused entirely on digital codes - Welcome GVGDigital!

As COVID-19 entered the picture, new unfathomable restrictions were placed on in-person gatherings, impacting the paper MTG markets greatly.  Conversely, MTGA saw tremendous growth as players stuck at home were looking for alternate ways to enjoy their favorite games.  GVGDigital started to become more of a focus for our team.

Skip forward a few more months and GVGDigital bacame the #1 MTGA code seller on eBay!  With over 3000 code sales and a 99% positive feedback rating, our new digital customers have been more supportive than ever!  However, eBay fees can be excessive on small transactions - pushing us to increase prices to cover them.  We decided to build an automated website from the ground up that would allow us to be more efficient - allowing us to pass those savings onto our faithful customers, and become more competitive in the market.