Core Set 2021 MTGA Critter Corps Deck Code

  • $7.95

x1 Digital MTGA Code to redeem the Core Set 2021 MTGA Critter Corps Welcome Deck (This is the same deck granted by the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Welcome Deck)

Limit 1 Critter Corps Deck Redeemed Per MTGA Account (Core 2021 OR AFR)

*Note no physical item, only a digital deck*

*"When redeeming a promotional code for a deck, and an account already owns some of the cards found in the deck, excess copies of those cards are not granted." - WOTC

(exp. July 1, 2022.  Confirmed still redeemable)


Enchantments (4)

3 Faith's Fetters

1 Colossification

Instants (3)

3 Ram Through

Sorceries (2)

2 Basri's Solidarity

Lands (25)

4 Blossoming Sands

1 Fabled Passage

10 Forest

10 Plains

(exp. July 1, 2022)