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MTGA Codes vs Gems

It's not rare to find yourself staring at your account with little gold, and run out of daily quests to fuel more packs, events, and cosmetics.  Your next step is to peruse the store looking for the right package that allows you to continue playing and collecting.  

Today, I want to explore one example of how buying codes is cheaper than buying gems.

Pre-Release codes can be redeemed for 6 packs of their specific set.  They can only be redeemed one time.  Additionally, each account may only redeem one of each set's Pre-Release code. There are currently 4 different Pre-Release codes available:

Theros Beyond Death

Throne of Eldraine 

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths

Core Set 2021 

Zendikar Rising

Within the MTGA store, the $100 bundle is the most efficient/cheapest rate to buy gems.  At that rate, you can buy packs at $1.00 each. Using the $5 gem bundle, the least efficient/most expensive rate, you are spending $1.33 for each pack in the store.  Below is the comparison of the code versus the MTGA Store:

Theros Beyond Death – GVG Cost: $7.45 = MTGA Cost: $6 - $8 Value

Throne of Eldraine – GVG Cost: $7.65 MTGA Cost: $6 - $8 Value

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - GVG Cost: $5.95 MTGA Cost: $6 - $8 Value

Core Set 2021 - GVG Cost: $6.55 MTGA Cost: $6 - $8 Value

Zendikar Rising - GVG Cost: $5.45 = MTGA Cost: $6 - $8 Value

That's the Math. You can currently buy 30 packs (across 5 different sets) for about $31. This would cost you $30 using the $100 gem bundle, and as much as $40 at using the smaller Gem bundles.  Some codes are cheaper than others, depending on how long ago they were released.

It is currently much cheaper to buy the Pre-Release Codes before you start buying the MTGA Gem bundles to redeem for packs. Make sure to take advantage of each set before they expire.

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